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In keeping with my recent obsession with Russian avant-garde book design, I have a new addition to my library that is now one of my favorites. No…sorry it is not a photography book but it is a great work of art.

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Rick Loomis, a photojournalist with the Los Angeles Times, is giving back the knowledge he learned as a student to others at the Photojournalism Mountain Workshop that concludes here today.

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photographer Simon Norfolk talks about several of the shoots he’s done (here). There’s good insight to his approach on each story but I love to read between the lines as he tells us about shooting this Sunday’s Perfect Drought story.

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IT IS RARE for a curator to reign with virtual sovereignty over an entire medium, but during his nearly three decades as director of the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (from 1962 until 1991), John Szarkowski did

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A symposium discussing the impact of digital technology on documentary photography and photojournalism drew a crowd of over 300 to Annenberg Auditorium this weekend.

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Over the last six years, photographer Simon Norfolk has occasionally roamed the world for the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Here is a selection from that body of work.

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“Because you are the author who wrote about the closed psychiatric system, which is forbidden, we are sending you to a psychiatric institution,” the psychiatrist said, according to Arap.

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The life of a talented young photojournalist and UCLA alumna was tragically cut short last week. Bridget O’Brien, 26, died when she swerved to avoid a deer on a highway near Cleveland.

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October 22, 2007